Will I be able to choose a profession in Star Atlas?

Which path to take in a gaming metaverse?

There will be professional roles that players can build towards based on their chosen ship roles. Players can also earn in-game currency by having the correct ships, crew, and components for their desired roles. Examples of roles: Transport, Rescue, Freight, Repair, Construction, Refueling, Miner, Salvage, Entrepreneur, CEO, Broker, Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Smuggler, Data Runner, Commander, General, Mercenary, and Scientist. Crew members within a ship also have individual station roles such as Pilot, Engineer, Repair, Scanner, Science, Gunner, Mercenary, Rescue, Power Manager, Janitor, Cargo Foreman, Hangar Foreman, Salvage Operator, Science Officer, Military Commander, Military General, Private, Sargent, Rookie, Smuggle Cargo Foreman and Captain.

Although we can't go into specifics right now, we are looking forward to making playing each of our careers entertaining! All of them will have an underlying logic and mechanics that will resonate with different gameplay styles, from mining in the deep space to racing leagues on low gravity moons. Hopefully, you will find the one most adequate to your tastes pretty quickly.

The crew members of ships are also important. For example, if the ship has a capacity of 3 people and you have more or less qualified crews, you can use the best ones to embark on the same mission and optimize profits.