Crafting Items in Starbased: What You Need to Know

Crafting in Starbased has evolved significantly, offering a nuanced system that requires strategic resource and crew management. At the heart of this system lies the Operations tab within your Starbase, serving as the command center for all crafting activities. Here’s a closer look at navigating the crafting process and making the most of your starbase's capabilities.

Exploring the Operations Tab: The Operations tab is your gateway to crafting, base management, and staff efforts, each playing a crucial role in the sustainability and advancement of your starbase.

  1. Base Management: This view is essential for maintaining the operational status of your starbase. Here, you can resupply the starbase with necessary items like food, directly influencing your crew's efficiency and morale. Importantly, engaging resources in base management also yields Loyalty Points (LP), rewarding your contributions to the starbase's wellbeing.

  2. Craft Workshop: The craft workshop is where your ideas come to life. Select from available recipes to determine what items you want to craft, specify the quantity, and assign the necessary number of crew members to the crafting task. This section demands careful planning, balancing resource availability with your strategic needs.

  3. Staff Effort: Divided into two main tabs, the Staff Effort view provides insight into your crafting and upgrading projects.

    • Staff Crafting Projects: Here, you’ll find an overview of ongoing crafting instances, alongside crafted items ready to be claimed. This ensures you’re always aware of your production status and can plan your next moves accordingly.
    • Staff Upgrade Projects: This tab reveals your active participation in starbase upgrades, displaying ongoing projects and new components awaiting installation. Upgrading your starbase is key to unlocking advanced crafting recipes and enhancing your faction's influence.

Crafting and Faction Advancement: Crafting in Starbased is more than just producing items; it's about contributing to your faction's success and the broader game economy. The items you craft and the upgrades you install not only bolster your fleet but also enhance your faction's competitive edge in the Star Atlas universe.

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