DAO Treasury Help Page

This help page provides information about the DAO's treasury, including a detailed view of the current balances of ATLAS, POLIS, USDC, and SOL tokens held in the DAO's designated asset accounts.

Star Atlas DAO Treasury

The DAO Treasury gives visibility into all Star Atlas DAO assets, an essential step in our journey toward decentralization and sustainable self-governance. It will also enable the Star Atlas community to make informed decisions about the future of the Star Atlas metaverse and ensure transparent and accountable DAO management.

Updated: February 2023

Current Balances

This section details the value, in dollars, of tokens held in the DAO's designated asset accounts. The actual accounts themselves are listed below. Only ATLAS, POLIS, USDC, and SOL tokens are shown. 

Value is computed live by querying the wallets and current token prices. Income is updated monthly.

Additionally, changes over a 30-day period are displayed and computed with historical token balance and prices.

Revenue Summary

This section shows a rolling six-month view of the DAO's revenues.
The data is gathered from querying income-generating on-chain activity, valued according to the asset's hourly closing price at the time it was received. This data is grouped by month for the Total Revenue Segmentation, and a six-month total is provided for the Revenue Composition, which is made up of the following categories. Please note that this view uses the source accounts listed below instead of the DAO treasury itself.
The revenue summary has two sections: total revenue segmentation and revenue composition. The data for the segmentation is based on the monthly close price of Atlas, and USDC received each month. The dark purple in the segmentation chart is all Atlas, and its value is based on the monthly close price. The revenue composition shows the six-month total for game activity and marketplace fees. To get the figures in the revenue composition section, add together each of the six monthly totals.

Game Activity

This section shows revenue earned as a result of player in-game activity.
  • For Faction Fleet, this means sales of R4 on the global marketplace. R4 inventory is placed for sale using the NPC public key NPCxfjPxh6pvRJbGbWZjxfkqWfGBvKkqPbtiJar3mom, with all proceeds periodically swept to the primary DAO treasury. Primary R4 purchases result in ATLAS income to the NPC account.
  • SAGE revenues TBD

Marketplace Fees

Galactic Marketplace fees for each transaction are transferred to a fees account feesQYAaH3wjGUUQYD959mmi5pY8HSz3F5C3SVc1fp3 as part of the transaction. This account is periodically swept, with one-third of the balance sent to the DAO treasury account and the rest sent to ATMTA. The value of the DAO's share of ATLAS fees at the time of exchange is displayed in this chart.

Asset Accounts

DAO Treasury Account DRGThVUMGEYcsoTERhmkFSa5q7HVjxBQdKwMNjyvehD1: This is the DAO's primary public key. The assets in the DAO's treasury are subject to management via the DAO's governance processes.
NPC R4 Sales Account NPCxfjPxh6pvRJbGbWZjxfkqWfGBvKkqPbtiJar3mom: Faction Fleet Game Activity
Fees Account feesQYAaH3wjGUUQYD959mmi5pY8HSz3F5C3SVc1fp3: This account is swept on a daily basis; this view shows the value of the DAO's share of marketplace fees.