Flight Trainer Guide

What is a Flight Trainer, and how to play?

Flight Trainer is an immersive multiplayer game that allows players to take part in intense space racing and dogfighting. The game features two modes: Dogfight and Race.

In Dogfight mode, players spawn on a space platform in the middle of an asteroid belt and have a certain amount of time to board their Pearce X4 ship before the first wave of NPC enemies begins.

Players must then defeat each wave of enemies to progress through the levels, earning a score based on the damage dealt and the time is taken. Scores can be tracked on the Dogfight leaderboard by pressing "Tab" and viewing the rankings.

Race mode, on the other hand, is a traditional space racing experience. Players spawn on the same platform as in Dogfight mode and must pass through a series of checkpoint rings while also destroying targets to reduce their time. Scores are also tracked on the Dogfight Race leaderboard.

The game is connected but separate from the Showroom experience, and it is possible to play without owning a Pearce X4 in your wallet.

Players can control their ship using standard WASD controls for movement and the mouse for aiming and shooting. The objective of the game is to earn the best time and score possible, either by defeating waves of enemies in Dogfight mode or by racing to the finish line in Race mode. ("Creating and linking an article here: 'Showroom Controls'"?)

In terms of ships available, Flight Trainer currently features only one ship, the Pearce X4. However, the game developers may add more ships in the future.