How can I use Saand’s memories?

What can I do with recovered memories?

Saand's memories play a vital role in the Never Alone campaign, offering players various ways to utilize them for loot and collectibles:

Burn the memory for in-game digital assets at the end of the mission: After completing a mission, you can exchange your memories for exclusive in-game digital assets.

Combine memories for end-of-year individual loot: At the end of the year, you can exchange 3 out of 4 memories of a certain level or a combined memory for a unique collectible or an individual prize.

Trade the memories on the Star Atlas marketplace: If you prefer, you can also trade your memories on the Star Atlas marketplace, allowing other players to obtain and use them. Please note that trading may not be immediately available for memories.

COMING SOON: Redeeming your acquired memories for loot (in-game digital assets) will be available from the end of Mission 2 onward.