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How Can I Verify Which Starpath Link I Am Using?

Quick Guide to Check Your Current Starpath Referral Link

  1. Open the Console Log:

    • For Windows, press F12.
    • Mac users can use Option + ⌘ + J.
  2. Access the 'Application' Tab:

    • In the console window, click on the 'Application' tab.
  3. Locate Star Atlas in Local Storage:

    • Expand the 'Local Storage' section.
    • Click on 'play.staratlas.com'.
  4. Find the Buddylink Value:

    • Look for 'buddylink' in the list. The value next to it represents the Starpath link you are currently using.

If the buddyLink value (referral link) is incorrect, you'll need to right-click and delete it. After that, you'll need to create a new wallet which will allow you to use a correct Starpath link.

It's important to know that using a referral link and then making a purchase will permanently associate their wallet with that specific referral. Currently, the only way to verify this association is by making a small transaction in the marketplace. Please note that resetting the 'buddylink' value in your current wallet will not alter this link. If you wish to use a different referral link, you will need to create or use a different wallet and follow the new referral link from there.