How do I sell an item?

The Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace is a MMO-style order book where players can sell items directly to other players.

Step 1. Use the 'Search Marketplace' field to quickly filter the item list, or navigate through the drop down menu system to browse all the products in each category. 

Step 2. Click on the item you wish to sell.

Step 3. Choose from the list of buyers.

Step 4. Agree to the Terms of service, and privacy policy. 

Step 5. Connect your wallet. 

Step 6. Adjust the 'Quantity to sell' field.

Step 7. Verify the price and currency are correct.

Step 8. Click the "Sell Item" button.

Step 9. Approve the transaction. 

Step 10. An 'Order Complete / View My Orders' notification will appear when your order has been processed.

Final Note: It is no longer necessary to claim your funds. After a successful sale, funds are immediately moved to your wallet.