How do I craft items in SAGE Labs?

Step-by-step guide to creating items in SAGE Labs

Dive into the fascinating world of Star Atlas and experience the wonders of crafting within the SAGE Labs environment. With the right resources and a dedicated crew, you can create wonders. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you embark on your crafting journey:

  1. Dock at the Central Space Station

    Before you start crafting, ensure you have a ship stationed at the Central Space Station of your choice. Remember, the ship's crew will be pivotal in the crafting process, assisting you in creating the desired item.

  2. Navigate to StarBase Crafting Workshop

    Access the workshop from your dashboard

  3. Select Your Desired Item

    Within the workshop, browse through the available items, select the one you're keen on crafting, and click on "Craft"

  4. Select a Quantity and Allocate Your Crew

    Choose the quantity of the item you want to craft. Then, depending on your urgency or the item's complexity, decide how many crew members you'd like to assign to the crafting task. Remember, allocating more crew members will speed up the crafting process

  5. Initialize Crafting Instance

    Once everything's set, click on "initialize crafting instance". A prompt will ask you to approve the transaction in your digital wallet. Once confirmed, the crafting process begins

  6. Patience is Key

    Crafting isn't an instantaneous process. Depending on the item's complexity and the number of crew members assigned, it can take varying amounts of time. Once completed, your crafted item will be ready for use or trade.