How to get started with Star Atlas?

Join the play to earn gaming metaverse vast beyond imagining.

Getting started should not be overwhelming. We recommend reading the Star Atlas white paper, watching AMAs with CEO Michael Wagner, and watching educational videos on what getting started looks like.

We have also developed this quick walk-through to help guide you.

The long-awaited mini-game is here — SCORE — which stands for Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions. It is an interface for players to stake their ship NFTs to earn APR. All rewards and expenses are in ATLAS tokens.

Reward Calculator

After you complete purchasing your ship(s) and choosing your faction, go to and click "Ship Enlistment".

Before enlisting your ships, go to and buy some resources.

When buying resources for the first time, you will need to pay 0.0254 SOL. Keep in mind that it is a “one-time account creation fee” for the asset. Think of it as a form of an approving contract. You can get back this 0.0254 SOL if you want, but every time you will buy the same thing you will need to pay again.


Ship Enlistment


You will see all the ships you currently own on the next page, simply click “Enlist Ship”.


When you click "Enlist Ship", you can see the consumption rates of your ship. “Depletion” means how often you need to re-supply resources to keep your ship enlisted.

- You will need food/fuel/ammo and at least 0.01056 SOL for this transaction to succeed.

– Once again, you will not pay this much SOL for the next transactions for the same ship. It is 1-time “account creation fee” for every asset in the SOL network.

After the transaction is approved you should see your ship(s) like this.


When you click "Manage Fleet", you can re-supply and check the consumption rate of resources per minute per ship, etc.

If you decide to add more of the same ship or withdraw your current one/s, click the Manage Ships tab.

You need to repair your ship/s first if you want to withdraw them.


To learn more about the Star Atlas gaming metaverse, visit our official medium resource.