How do I Mine Resources in Starbased?

Extracting the Wealth of the Galaxy


Mining in Starbased is a vital activity for gathering resources essential for your fleet's advancement and survival. This guide outlines the straightforward process for starting and ending a mining operation within the game.

  1. Preparing Your Fleet: Before initiating mining, ensure your fleet is undocked in a sector with a starbase. Note that in empty sectors, your only option is to Scan for SDU.

  2. Selecting the Mining Sector and Fleet: Navigate to the sector where your fleet is currently located and select the fleet you intend to use for mining.

  3. Initiating Mining: After selecting your fleet, a new menu will present various options. Click on "start mining" to proceed. You'll be taken to a new view detailing the mining operations available in the sector, including available resources, their mining rates, and the estimated time to fill your cargo. After reviewing this information, click on "Initiate Mining" and approve the transaction through your wallet.

  4. Concluding Mining Operations: When you decide to stop mining—either to mine elsewhere or because your cargo is full—select "Harvest resources and stop mining." Approve this transaction in your wallet to end the operation.

  5. Unloading Your Cargo: After mining, you can dock at any starbase to offload your fleet's cargo.

Mining in Starbased not only fuels your fleet's needs but also supports broader strategic objectives, from building and maintaining starbases to crafting essential items for your journey.

With resources in hand, the next step is turning them into valuable assets. Dive deeper into the game's mechanics with Crafting Items in Starbased: What You Need to Know and maximize your fleet's potential.