How to Scan for SDUs in SAGE Labs?

  1. Preparation 

    Before scanning, ensure you have a fleet in SAGE Labs.

    If you don't have one yet, read: How to create a fleet in SAGE Labs?

    Before initiating a scan, make sure your ship is refueled and ready. Read more on "How to refuel my fleet in SAGE Labs?"

  2. Undocking Your Fleet 

    If your fleet is docked, navigate to the Hangar of the Starbase or Central Space Station where your fleet is located

    Select your fleet

    Click on "UNDOCK" 

  3. Accessing Fleet Management 

    Once undocked, navigate to the "Undocked fleets" tab and click on "Manage Fleet" adjacent to the fleet you wish to scan with.

  4. Scanning 

    In the new interface, choose the "SECTOR SCAN" tab. Then, hit "START SCAN"

  5. Viewing Scan Results

    After initiating the scan, patiently wait for a few seconds. You will receive a notification (bottom right of the screen) indicating whether you have successfully discovered any SDUs

    Learn more about SDUs in this article: "What are Survey Data Units (SDUs) in SAGE Labs?"