How does loot work and spawn in Escape Velocity?

Learn about loot spawning in Escape Velocity.

Scanning sectors can reveal valuable loot players can claim in the Escape Velocity Campaign. We have organized loot into six different tiers, each with varying probabilities. The loot comes from our supplier and is offered in limited quantities, except for certain items marked as limitless during the event. Once Escape Velocity ends, some exclusive loot, such as special posters and hab paint, will no longer be obtainable through gameplay.

For a complete list of loot tiers and items, please refer to our article: Is there loot for playing the Escape Velocity Campaign?


Loot Spawns

A nearly fixed amount of loot will always be on the map. Every minute, a process spawns new loot items equal to the number of items players claim in the last 60 seconds. This means a new loot bundle will spawn (invisibly, until scanned) somewhere else within the Galia Expanse as soon as someone claims loot. The loot spawning process utilizes off-chain programs that generate random numbers to determine the loot tier and specific items within that tier.

If an item is no longer available, it will not spawn, and something else will spawn instead. This ensures a constant loot supply for players throughout the Escape Velocity campaign.

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