How does POLIS locking work?

POLIS Voting Power is determined by both the quantity of tokens as well as the length of time one is willing to commit their resources.

The Star Atlas DAO uses a voting-escrow model in which POLIS tokens are locked in an escrow account in return for voting power. This voting-escrow model favors community members with long-term conviction in the Star Atlas vision and is resilient against governance attacks such as just-in-time voting or flash loan exploits.

By locking POLIS in the locked voter program, users receive POLIS Voting Power, or PVP. Locked tokens are non-transferrable, and there is no early withdrawal function. Only one lock period can be selected. Users wishing to manage multiple tranches of tokens must use separate wallets for each lock duration.Locking one POLIS token for six months grants one PVP, and a maximum five-year lock grants ten PVP. 

Lock period resulting vePOLIS balances

 A user's PVP balance decays linearly over time as the remaining time until unlock decreases. For example, a balance of 400 POLIS locked for one year provides the same amount of PVP as 200 POLIS locked for two years, or 100 POLIS locked for four years.