How does the ATLAS locker work?

When ATLAS tokens are locked, tiered marketplace discounts and POLIS rewards begin. A 21 day waiting period commences upon requesting a withdrawal from the locker, during which time no discounts or rewards are provided. Key terms are defined below.

To lock ATLAS and reduce marketplace fees, visit:

DAO Ecosystem Information

Circulating Supply: This is the amount of ATLAS tokens that are publicly available. This calculation excludes tokens held for future distribution for game emissions (see emission curve), and tokens that are subject to vesting (private sale, public pre-sale, and team).

Total supply: This is the total amount of ATLAS in existence.  

You can check ATLAS Circulating Supply and Total Supply via our API:

Average Fee Reduction: Calculated using equal weight per participating wallet address and the discount tier for that wallet. It is not weighted using quantity of locked tokens within each wallet address (VWAP).

Total Locked Tokens: The actual number of ATLAS locked in the locker program. 

Next Daily Rewards Drop: A total of 10.8 million POLIS tokens are being distributed to ATLAS locker participants over eight years, and follows the same distribution schedule as the POLIS emission curve. This data point displays the next daily global distribution (not a per wallet distribution amount).

My Locker Overview

Wallet Balances: Amount of ATLAS and POLIS in the connected wallet. 

Locked Tokens: Current ATLAS locked.

Withdraw Cooldown: Initiating a locker withdraw starts a three-week timer. During this time, marketplace discounts and POLIS rewards are forfeit. Upon completion of the three week cooldown, ATLAS tokens may be withdrawn from the locker. 

My Rewards and Locker Control

Rewards Over Time: A historical graph of POLIS rewards to the connected wallet. 

Unclaimed Rewards: Amount of accrued POLIS rewards that are waiting to be claimed, and are available immediately. 

Estimated Next Reward Drop: A personalized calculation of an individual wallet address's anticipated rewards following the daily checkpoint  (midnight UTC). This calculation estimates reward share based on the proportional share of a wallet address relative to the total ATLAS locked at the time of calculation. The first period is September 30, 2022. Rewards are distributed over a 24 hour period after midnight UTC based on the user's share of total ATLAS locked for the previous day.

These emissions start with 4320.107368 POLIS distributed after September 30, 2022, 23:59 GMT, and end on September 29, 2030 when the last 2620.277725 tokens will be distributed. The full rewards schedule can be found here

The estimated next reward drop amount is calculated by taking a wallet's pro-rata share of the total locked tokens and multiplying it by the rewards distribution for that period: User Rewards = (User's Locked ATLAS / Total Locked ATLAS) * Daily Emissions. For example, suppose that the rewards distribution for the day is 4000 POLIS and there is currently a total of 1,000,000 ATLAS locked among all users. Alice has 1000 ATLAS in her locker, therefore Alice's reward for the day can be calculated as (1,000/1,000,000) * 4000, or 4 POLIS tokens. Note that the number displayed is an estimate based on the current state of the ATLAS locker and may change as other users lock or withdraw tokens. 

ATLAS Discount Benefits

The primary benefit to staking ATLAS is to earn a discount on marketplace fees. 

The example above shows a locker with at least 560,000 ATLAS locked. This allows a 25% reduction of the base 6% fee, or 4.5%. Of this 4.5%, 1.5% accrues to the DAO treasury. 

Locker Functions

Lock Amount: The amount of ATLAS you wish to add to a new or existing stake. 

Initiate Withdraw: This will start the three-week cooldown that must elapse before a user can withdraw their tokens. The amount remaining is shown under the My Locker Overview's Withdraw Cooldown. During this cooldown, marketplace discounts and POLIS rewards are forfeited.

Halt Withdraw: Re-locks the tokens, allowing one to earn marketplace discounts and POLIS rewards. Note the cooldown timer is reset. 

Reclaim Tokens: Once the cooldown has elapsed, this function removes ATLAS tokens from the locker and returns them to the user's wallet. 

Now that you have learned about the ATLAS locker, head over to to participate.