How does the Star Atlas DAO work?

Utilizing multi-signature wallets and on-chain proposal voting, members have economic and political control of the entire Star Atlas Metaverse.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, are member-controlled governance organizations whose decisions are made by a distributed set of actors and whose actions are programmatically determined by on-chain consensus mechanisms. The Star Atlas ecosystem is made up of DAOs with governance for player guilds, regional, and factional authority, and ultimately, the future for all its citizens.

At this time, only the top-level universal Star Atlas DAO is being released. Membership is obtained by locking POLIS tokens, which provide participants with voting power to make decisions that affect the Star Atlas ecosystem as a whole.

The Star Atlas DAO is guided by seven core principles:

  • Quality above all:  Star Atlas shall have a high bar for look & feel and quality expectations.
  • Maintaining clarity of purpose:  The Star Atlas community shall be guided by first principles enshrined in a governing document, the Star Atlas Constitution.
  • Safety is paramount:  All critical Star Atlas code -- from gameplay to governance -- shall be audited with any risks mitigated to the extent possible.
  • Transparency and community engagement are key:  The Star Atlas community should be as informed as possible about the state of the ecosystem and the direction in which it is headed.
  • Governance is a metaverse experience:  Participation in the Star Atlas DAO should be integrated with the gameplay immersion of the metaverse, as citizens jockey for political power as expressed in vePOLIS.
  • The Star Atlas Council is a guide:  The proposal process for the Star Atlas DAO shall be guided by an elected body of representatives, the Star Atlas Council.
  • Improve censorship-resistance:  The Star Atlas DAO should try to increase the censorship resistance of the entire ecosystem, such as by implementing on-chain game logic where possible.

These principles, and more, will be iterated on through discussion with the community, with first principles ultimately being set forth in the Star Atlas Constitution.

Members of the Star Atlas community may, through the Star Atlas DAO, propose and vote on POLIS Improvement Proposals ("PIPs") that may enact changes to the ecosystem through on-chain instructions or broader commands that may be carried out by various actors charged with carrying out the will of the Star Atlas DAO.