How to Import Resources into Starbased

Fueling Your Starbase and Fleet Operations

Securing and importing resources into Starbased is an essential step for sustaining your faction's starbases and supporting fleet operations within the expansive universe of Star Atlas. This guide will walk you through the process of importing resources from your wallet into the game, using the Local Inventory at your Faction's Central Space Station.

Navigating to Your Faction's Central Space Station: First, ensure you're connected to Starbased and have already set up your character. Then, find and click on the Central Space Station that corresponds to your faction. Whether you're with ONI, USTUR, or MUD, selecting your faction's CSS is the starting point for managing your resources.

Using the Local Inventory: Upon accessing your faction's Central Space Station, look for the "Local Inventory" option. This is where you'll manage the importation of resources critical for your starbase's maintenance and fleet's expeditions.

  1. Select Resources and Quantity: In the Local Inventory, you'll find a list of resources available for import. Here, you can select which resources you wish to import into Starbased and specify the quantity of each.

  2. Import from Wallet: After selecting your resources and their quantities, click on "Import from Wallet." This action initiates the process of transferring the resources from your connected wallet into Starbased.

  3. Confirm the Transaction: A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the transaction. Review the details to ensure everything is correct, then approve the transaction to finalize the importation of resources.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported resources into Starbased!