What is a faction and how to join?

To join a faction, navigate to the Star Atlas mini-game and connect your preferred wallet. You will be prompted to select a faction. 

A faction is your organization in the universe of Star Atlas. There are 3 factions. You can choose between ONI (Alien), Ustur (Robots), and MUD (Humans).

Factions in Star Atlas and their different advantages.

To join a faction, navigate to the Star Atlas mini-game and connect your preferred wallet. You will be prompted to select a faction. 

Quick Facts & Tips

  • There are different perks associated with the faction you choose. This means your in-game abilities will change, depending on whether you have chosen to be part of the MUD, ONI, or Ustur faction (see above). Your earnings help your nation’s overall leaderboard.
  • Faction choice is permanent and cannot be changed! This means that the (Solana) account you use to register will not be able to be registered to a different faction later on.
  • The faction you choose will determine the race of your avatar (player character). In other words: your avatar’s race will be that faction’s race (at least initially).
  • Later on in the game’s release cycle, you will be able to recruit additional crew members from different races, and use these as your avatar instead (not yet implemented, so could change!).
  • There is no rush! This registration module is not time-limited. This just marks the launch of the player registration. It will remain available for all eternity!
  • Registration will cost a small gas fee, so make sure to have some SOL at the ready (0.03 SOL should suffice).
  • TIP: Before choosing a faction, choose which DAC (Guild/Clan) better suits your in-game goals, because when you choose a faction, you can’t join a DAC from other factions! (You can find the current DAC list here https://staratlasguilds.com/)
TIP: Factions with fewer members will have their members earn more compared to factions with more members (as an equal amount of resources is being distributed among a smaller number of players), an incentive to balance out faction population in the long run. If the faction you want to join has fewer members than others, it will give you a starting edge.

MUD Territory

Manus Ultimus Divinum, The Last Divine Hand, is a spacefaring faction of humans originating from their home planet of Earth. After uniting under a common cause inspired by a benevolent photoli scout, humans harnessed Earth’s resources to set off for the stars.

Under the contemporary leadership of Charon Gotti Jr., MUD Territory is established as the only legitimate human faction in the Council of Peace. Despite the dramatic losses in the Convergence War decades prior, MUD emerged as an industrial powerhouse in the region by securing diplomatic relations through fair trade with ONI and Ustur.

MUD-controlled space provides proximity to raw materials that serve a core purpose in the component manufacturing process for distant astronautical travel and ballistics technology. Join MUD to ensure the perpetual fair and powerful leadership of humankind.


Firepower, Travel Distance

Ustur Sector

Ustur cybernetic sentient beings have an origin shrouded in complex mystery. One legend tells of a Dyson sphere-powered supercomputer harnessing the energy of a magnetar class neutron star. The energy throughput allowed the installed AI to advance beyond its physical location and withdrew from the parent machine without a trace.

A millennium later, the Ustur appeared in a physicalized form through advanced soft form robotics. However, none of them are able to recall their origin. But it is thought that their individual bodies contain a sliver of the original parent AI in pursuit of transcendent awakening and experiencing the universe through an organic medium.

Become a part of the Ustur Sector to form your own path in this physical universe and ascend the ranks of every observable spiritual plane. Receive access to rare minerals vital in the formation of highly nimble thruster tech and top-tier hull reinforcing pipelines.


Hull Strength, Maneuvering

ONI Region

The ONI faction is a harmonious consortium of diverse species. The people of the Om sector, Segal, Akenat, and Neuno systems collectively set aside their differences in the hopes of a more bountiful life in space.

After the near-total wartime extinction of the Sogmian race, the Mierese, Punaab, and Photoli united firmly together under a strategic military pact to save their desperate ally. Through this pact, a breakthrough weapon of war was constructed. Before retaliation took hold to destroy the region’s life force, a truce was soon declared for the betterment of all factions, and peace was restored throughout the region.

The benefits of joining the ONI Region lie primarily in access to densely clustered raw materials within their controlled space. These materials are highly coveted in crafting advanced stealth and radar technologies, lending to the discovery of even greater breakthroughs for all sentient life.


Stealth, Scanning Distance