How to join the Escape Velocity Campaign?

How to get started with Escape Velocity?

Participate in this limited-time gaming experimental minigame - Escape Velocity, where strategy and luck can discover the loot, awarding VWAP in-game assets every month while the testing lasts.

Begin Your Adventure

Step 1: Access Escape Velocity by going to the website

Step 2: Connect your Solana wallet

Step 3: Lock 1K ATLAS Tokens

Step 4: Press "Play"

Step 5: Spawn your ship

Step 6: Right-click your ship to warp to a new coordinate

Step 7: Right-click your ship to scan a coordinate

Step 8: Chance to receive loot


Watch and Learn

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video


Join the Escape Velocity Campaign, test the groundbreaking on-chain movement mechanics, and help shape the future of the Star Atlas metaverse!