How to Register Your DAC in Star Atlas?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing Your Corporation in the Metaverse

Registering your Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) in Star Atlas is an exciting step towards forging your own path in the vast universe of Galia. Here's how you can establish your DAC:

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Start by connecting your wallet on by clicking on the wallet logo at the bottom left of the screen.

  2. Access DAC Platform: Once connected, access the DAC Platform by clicking on the DAC logo at the bottom left of the screen.

  3. Create Your DAC: Create your DAC by clicking on "Create a New DAC"
  4. Choose Your DAC Name: Your DAC's name is its identity, reflecting your vision and values in Star Atlas. Choose a name that resonates with your corporation's ethos.
  5. Set Your DAC Avatar and Cover: Your DAC’s Avatar and Cover are the visual representations of your corporation. Make sure they align with the image you want to portray. Note the specific requirements for file size and dimensions:

    • Avatar: 1080x1080 pixels
    • Cover: 1200x360 pixels
    • File size: Max 2MB
  6. Describe Your DAC: This is where you express your corporation's mission, values, and the kind of members you're looking to recruit. You can also add tags to help prospective recruits find your DAC easily.

  7. Review and Confirm: After you've entered all the details, review your application carefully. Once you’re satisfied, confirm the creation of your DAC.
  8. Recruit Members: With your DAC now officially registered, it’s time to start recruiting members who share your vision.

Congratulations! Your DAC is now a recognized entity in the Star Atlas universe. As you embark on your journey, remember that the strength of a DAC lies in its members and their shared goals.

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