How to Report a DAC in Star Atlas?

Ensuring a Respectful and Safe Community in Star Atlas

The Star Atlas metaverse thrives on a community that respects and adheres to its guidelines. If you encounter a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation) that violates these guidelines, here's how you can report it:

  1. Access the DAC Profile: Start by visiting the DAC's profile that you wish to report. This can be done by navigating to the DAC through your Star Atlas player profile or by directly visiting the DAC's page.

  2. Locate the Report Option: On the DAC's profile page, you'll find an option to report it.

  3. Select a Reason for Reporting: When you click on the report option, you'll be prompted to choose a reason for your report. The options include 'It's inappropriate', 'It's spam', or 'Something else'. Select the reason that best describes the issue with the DAC.

  4. Submit Your Report: After selecting your reason, click on 'Send Report'. Your report will be sent to the Star Atlas team for review. The team will investigate the matter and take appropriate actions based on their findings.

Note: Reporting a DAC should be done responsibly. Only report DACs that truly violate the guidelines or disrupt the community standards of Star Atlas. Frivolous or false reports can detract from the community experience.