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How do I join Starpath?

Click the Join Starpath button on the Starpath website to get started.

Star Atlas introduces Starpath, a dedicated referral program designed to benefit its expanding community. Joining is simple and straightforward. Here's how:

1. Configuring Your Referral Account:

  • First, visit your Star Atlas profile at play.staratlas.com.
  • Ensure your wallet is connected.
  • Once set, click on your profile, located at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Choose the option "Create Referral Link."

With these steps, your referral link is now active.

2. Accessing and Sharing Your Referral Link:

After you've set up your referral link, the "Create Referral Link" option transitions to "View my link and rewards." Here's what to expect:

  • By clicking on it, a screen will display where you can copy and share your unique referral link with others.

  • For an overview of your earned rewards, select "View my rewards Dashboard." This will redirect you to the BuddyLink interface where you can track purchases made by your referees on the Star Atlas marketplace and claim your rewards.

  • If you're ready to share your link with a wider audience, the "Share link" option allows for a direct post to Twitter.

Learn more about the rewards you can obtain through your referrals in this article: "What rewards can I earn for referring someone?"