How to Warp/Subwarp in Starbased?

Seamlessly Navigate Your Fleet Across Starbased

Navigating your fleet through space in Starbased requires familiarity with warp and subwarp travel mechanisms. This concise guide ensures you can efficiently move your fleet from one location to another within the Star Atlas universe, strictly following the steps you need:

  1. Undocking Your Fleet: The first step to embarking on any journey is to undock your fleet from the starbase. To do this, access your fleet within the Starbase's interface, select it, and opt for "undock." A wallet prompt will appear for you to approve the transaction, officially freeing your fleet into space.

  2. Choosing Your Travel Mode: Once undocked, interacting with your fleet will bring up several options. For moving through space, you'll have the choices of warp or subwarp travel. Select the one that suits your current needs.

  3. Setting and Starting Your Journey: With your travel mode selected, proceed by picking your destination. This action is followed by clicking on "start warp" or "start subwarp." Your wallet will prompt you again to confirm the transaction. Approve it to commence your fleet's movement.

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