How to Withdraw Resources from Labs

To successfully withdraw resources from Star Atlas Labs, it is mandatory that these resources are located within your Central Space Station (CSS). Resources can only be withdrawn if they are stored in the CSS

Withdrawing Your Resources:

  1. Access CSS Inventory: Begin by navigating to your CSS interface within Labs. Here, you'll find the central hub for managing both your fleet and resources

  2. Navigate to Inventory: Within the CSS interface, click on "My Inventory" located at the bottom of the menu. This action opens up your repository of resources, providing a clear overview of what's available for withdrawal.

  3. Select Resources for Withdrawal: From the inventory list, select the resources you wish to withdraw. Specify the quantity for each resource to ensure accuracy in the withdrawal process.

  4. Initiate Export: After selecting your resources and their quantities, click on "Export to Wallet." You'll be prompted to approve the transaction in your wallet. This step is crucial for the final transfer of resources from Labs to your wallet.

  5. Confirmation: Once the transaction is approved, your resources will be successfully exported to your wallet.