How to Withdraw Resources from Starbased?

Steps to Withdraw Resources:

  1. Access Your Faction Central Space Station: Simply click on your Faction's Central Space Station within the game.

  2. Select "Local Inventory": Once you're viewing your Central Space Station, click on the "Local Inventory" option to view your stored resources.LOCALINVENTORY

  3. Choose Resources and Quantities: From the list of resources, select what you want to withdraw and specify the quantities. Make your selections and then proceed to confirm your choices.

  4. Initiate Export to Your Wallet: With your resources selected, click on "Export to wallet" to begin the process of transferring them to your wallet.

  5. Approve the Transaction: A prompt will appear in your wallet asking you to approve the export transaction. Confirm to finalize the withdrawal.

Your selected resources will now be transferred from your Faction's Central Space Station to your wallet