How to Withdraw Your Ships from Labs

Before embarking on the withdrawal process, ensure that your ships are stationed at your Central Space Station (CSS) and not deployed in a fleet.

Withdrawing Your Ships:

  1. Access Your CSS: Begin by navigating to your Central Space Station within Labs

  2. Open CSS Menu: Within the CSS interface, locate and click on "Deposit or Withdraw ships" located at the bottom left

  3. Select Ships for Withdrawal: In the menu, choose the ships you intend to withdraw. Specify the quantity of each ship to ensure accurate withdrawal.

  4. Confirm Withdrawal: After selecting your ships and their quantities, click on "Withdraw from Starbase." A prompt will appear asking for transaction approval in your wallet. Approve the transaction to finalize the withdrawal.

  5. Completion: Once the transaction is approved, your ships will be withdrawn from the CSS and returned to your wallet.