What are in-game zones?

What is the structure of the zones, and how is the metaverse designed?

Each faction has a Security Zone (SZ) which is intended to be the safe, starter, and social area for players. As implied by the name, the Council of Peace factions provide security within the zone boundaries and combat/crime is strictly prohibited. Consensual combat is permitted via a combat hailing/acceptance system similar to dueling. Consensual combat (dueling) loot in the SZ is anything that is staked as part of a duel. Complete destruction of assets is not possible in the Security Zone.

Medium Risk Zones (MRZs) are outside the faction security zones. Players entering these zones acknowledge and accept a medium risk of combat from NPC pirates/raiders and potentially other players. The NPC enemies in these zones can be dangerous to new players and a nuisance to experienced players. Non-consensual PVP combat is possible, but disincentivized via a bounty mechanism. Complete destruction of assets is not possible in the MRZ, but reclamation fees are increased.

Faction Zones

The High Risk Zones (HRZs) include the four quadrants between each of the MRZs and the Cataclysm. Upon entering High Risk Zones, the bounty mechanism is lifted (though incurred bounties persist). Enemy NPCs are of moderate to high level threats. Optional insurance packages can be used to mitigate the risk of losses. Without insurance, permanent loss of assets is possible. 

Miscreants and trouble-mongers will likely feel motivated to commit criminal offenses in the MRZs. Such offenses include but will not be limited to:

  1. Attacking NPC and PCs in a passive stance in the MRZ.
  2. Theft, destruction, and harvesting assets (ore, data, ships, crew, etc.) for which you do not have permission/rights.
  3. Disabling or tampering with COP security measures, including attempts to wash bounties via hacking.

Bounties are cumulative for continuous crimes and are locked to the aggressive ship/fleet and not the crew. Criminals will quickly be acquainted with COP security measures in the MRZs. Players can aid COP enforcement by ensnaring offenders and calling for COP intervention. Players are awarded bounty hunting rewards for doing so. This gameplay loop of bounty hunting applies to NPC and PCs. For NPC bounty hunting, the desired outcome (dead/alive) will be stated in the contract. For hunting PCs with bounties, alive is the desired outcome (up to a certain bounty threshold) and is rewarded in kind.