Is it free to participate in the Escape Velocity Campaign?

Is Escape Velocity free to join?

The Escape Velocity Campaign is a limited-time gaming experience within Star Atlas focused on testing movement mechanics in the upcoming SAGE browser game module. It's free to join the Escape Velocity Campaign and starts earning rewards. Follow these simple steps:

Free Participation

Yes, it's free to participate in the Escape Velocity Campaign. However, to join the campaign and have a chance to discover loot, participants must temporarily lock 1,000 ATLAS tokens. The tokens are not spent but merely locked during gameplay. Once the campaign is over, or if a participant decides to stop playing, the tokens will be unlocked and returned to the player.

Additionally, players need a Solana wallet, like Phantom, and a small amount of SOL (approximately 0.05) to cover transaction fees during the campaign. Learn more here on how to set up a Solana wallet.


Begin your adventure

Step 1: Access Escape Velocity by going to the website

Step 2: Connect your Solana wallet

Step 3: Lock 1K ATLAS Tokens

Step 4: Press "Play"

Step 5: Spawn your ship

Step 6: Right-click your ship to warp to a new coordinate

Step 7: Right-click your ship to scan a coordinate

Step 8: Chance to receive loot and 

Join the Escape Velocity Campaign, test the groundbreaking on-chain movement mechanics, and help shape the future of the Star Atlas metaverse!