Is there loot for playing the Escape Velocity Campaign?

Can I get loot for participating in the Escape Velocity Campaign?

The Escape Velocity Campaign, Star Atlas' trial mini-game for on-chain movement testing, offers participants an opportunity to discover valuable loot while helping to test the platform's on-chain movement mechanics.

Loot Details

The loot for participating in the Escape Velocity Campaign includes a variety of in-game assets. See the Loot Table below:


Distribution of Loot

Loot will be discovered monthly by participants who successfully discover loot during the Escape Velocity Campaign. Strategizing and making the most of the on-chain movement mechanics is essential to maximize the potential of earning these valuable in-game assets.

In Conclusion

The Escape Velocity Campaign provides players with a unique opportunity to participate in testing Star Atlas' groundbreaking on-chain movement mechanics while earning valuable in-game assets. With all VWAP loot available each month during testing, now is the perfect time to join the Escape Velocity Campaign and try your luck at discovering loot!