How to Dock/Undock Your Fleet in Starbased


Locate Your Fleet: Begin by locating your fleet within the game. Click on your fleet to view its current status and locationLOCATEYOURFLEET-1


Warping to a Starbase (if necessary): If your fleet is not already at a starbase and you wish to dock, you will need to initiate a warp to the desired starbase location

Initiating Dock or Undock: Once your fleet is located at a starbase (or after arriving via warp), you can proceed to dock or undock. Click on your fleet to bring up the options, and select "Dock" to securely station your fleet at the starbase or "Undock" to release it into spaceDOCK-1

Confirm the Transaction: Whether docking or undocking, a transaction will need to be approved in your wallet. Review and approve the transaction to complete the process