What is play-to-earn?

Star Atlas is play-to-earn. What does that mean?

Blockchain games have come a long way from trading simple Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles. Now you have the chance to earn money playing crypto games, even if you don't have the rarest NFT in your wallet. Play-to-earn refers to video games where players can earn cryptocurrency rewards and use those for in-game purchases or just to cash out in their native fiat currency. Play-to-earn games allow users to farm or collect crypto and NFTs that can be sold on the market. By playing the game regularly, each player can earn more items or tokens to sell and generate an income.

Play-to-earn is not a new thing. There are many online games (usually MMORPGs) with fiat-based auction houses or secondary markets maintained by gold farmers. For cryptocurrency games, the critical difference is that these currencies and items exist on blockchains. A blockchain has several properties that easily prove ownership, legitimacy, and rarity.