What are the Star Atlas tokens?

What's the difference between ATLAS and POLIS?

Star Atlas is driven by a dual token system (ATLAS/POLIS), with multi-currency Solana asset support.


POLIS is a multifunctional decentralized governance token with applications both in-game and in directing real world economic policy.

POLIS is the platform’s governance token and is used for all decision-making regarding the project’s development. Token holders have voting power in the Star Atlas DAO, control its treasury, and control the Star Atlas metaverse and game. As of now, POLIS has a fixed supply that is unchangeable, unless governance decides otherwise in the future. 

Furthermore, the Star Atlas DAO is also tasked with minting, distribution, and redistribution of the in-game utility token (ATLAS) in the treasury. The Star Atlas DAO could, for example, vote to deploy ATLAS in its treasury to fund ecosystem development.


Known as the payment or in-game utility token, ATLAS is used as a medium of exchange in the Star Atlas economy. The token is inflationary by design and aims to match the growth of the in-game economy. Additionally, it was primarily made to provide a solid monetary base for in-game economical interactions and onramps to enter the game.

As the designated in-game currency, ATLAS is used to reward in-game activities. However, the burning and minting of the token are directly related to game adoption and user growth as determined by the Star Atlas DAO.