Upgrading and Maintaining Starbases in Starbased

Key Strategies for Galactic Infrastructure Development

Starbased introduces a comprehensive update to Star Atlas, emphasizing the importance of starbase development as a central aspect of gameplay. This involves two critical actions: upgrading (developing) and upkeeping (providing resources to) starbases across the Galia Expanse. Here’s a closer look at how players can engage with these essential components to fortify their faction's presence and influence within the galaxy.

Upgrading Starbases: The progression of a starbase from its initial tier to higher levels of sophistication is crucial for enhancing its operational capabilities and unlocking new opportunities for crafting and resource management.

  • Developing a Starbase: To advance a starbase to the next tier, players must contribute specific crafted materials required for the upgrade. Additionally, assigning crew members to work on the starbase for a set period is necessary to complete the upgrade process. As starbases level up, they demand more intricate goods and a larger workforce, reflecting the increasing complexity of managing a thriving intergalactic hub.

  • Crafting and Recipes: With each new tier, a starbase unlocks additional crafting recipes, broadening the range of items and technologies players can create. These advancements play a pivotal role in a faction's strategy, offering new avenues for growth and competition within the Star Atlas universe.

Maintaining Starbases: The ongoing maintenance of starbases is vital for their continuous operation and effectiveness. Regular provision of resources ensures that starbases remain a cornerstone of faction strength and resilience.

  • Providing Resources: Essential to the upkeep of any starbase is the steady supply of food and toolkits, among other resources. The failure to adequately supply these can lead to diminished functionality, impacting everything from crafting capabilities to the overall health of the starbase.

Upgrading and maintaining starbases in Starbased are integral to a faction's success and influence. Players are encouraged to invest in their starbases, leveraging the complex system of development and upkeep to secure their position in the galactic hierarchy of Star Atlas.