What are Star Atlas ships?

In the Star Atlas marketplace, you will find NFT ships for sale as part of the Galactic Asset Offering. 

The ships are used by players and NPCs to explore the deep reaches of space, transport precious materials, run missions, perform in combat, and many other activities. Each ship has components and modules that can be switched and upgraded and require a crew to operate. Additionally, some skins can be applied to a ship to change its appearance.

All ships contain components and crew members that enhance the features and stats of each ship. Ships have native aptitudes for different gameplay features. This means that ships can be fitted with specific tiered components that enhance the ship’s functionality within those professional roles. Individual crew members also enhance specific functionalities with their aptitude to advance via the University Decks. Crew members trained together in University or previously on ships will buff each other when placed on the same ship’s crew. Crew continuously builds up shared touring duty and receive buffs over time. Matching crew incorrectly can cause de-buffs to a ship’s performance.

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