What are Survey Data Units (SDUs) in SAGE Labs?

Unlocking Crafting and Economic Opportunities in the Star Atlas Universe

What are SDUs?

Survey Data Units, or SDUs, are special digital collectibles scattered across the vast realm of SAGE Labs within the Star Atlas universe. They serve as central components in various crafting recipes, playing an integral part in the game's ecosystem.

What Can I Do with SDUs?

  • Crafting: SDUs are essential ingredients in the crafting of key game assets
  • Trading: As valuable assets, players may choose to trade SDUs on the Galactic Marketplace, offering flexibility in how players manage their resources.

How Do SDUs Spawn?

  • Location: SDUs are dispersed throughout the Galia Expanse. At any given time, up to 25% of the map's sectors may contain an SDU.
  • Respawn Rules: After an SDU is found in a sector, that sector won’t spawn another SDU for at least 2 minutes, giving players a fair and balanced opportunity for discovery.
  • Fleet Influence: The quantity of SDUs a player can discover during a scan is tied to the composition of their fleet. Different types and numbers of ships can influence the outcome, but no fleet can find more than 10 SDUs per scan.
  • Spawn Cap: The game has set limitations, with no more than 1500 SDUs able to be found every minute across the entire game world.
  • Respawn Adjustments: The Star Atlas team may adjust SDU spawn rates and locations to maintain economic balance within the game.

Crafting a Strategy

SDUs take up minimal storage space in a player's inventory, meaning a scanning-focused fleet won’t run out of storage quickly. This feature adds another layer to strategic planning, as players decide on fleet composition for optimized SDU collection.