What are the XP thresholds for each Mission?

What are the memory pieces?

Each Mission of the Never Alone campaign offers players the opportunity to earn varying amounts of XP, which can be used to unlock memories and the associated loot. It's important to note that the XP earned in each mission is specific to that mission and cannot be carried over to other missions in the campaign.

Memories are awarded to players who reach certain XP thresholds in each mission. These thresholds, along with the corresponding memory types, are as follows:

  • Memory Glimpse: 5000 XP
  • Memory Fragment: 6250 XP
  • Memory Revelation: 7500 XP

By reaching these XP milestones, you can collect memories and exchange them for exclusive loot in the Star Atlas metaverse.

To learn more about the loot associated with each memory type, refer to this infographic:


                                                      (Image: Example of loot details for Mission 1)