What is PIP1 Deliberation Process?

POLIS Improvement Proposals, including PIP-1, are accessible at govern.staratlas.com, where the community can explore proposal details, make public comments and respond to others.

The publication of a PIP is the first of four distinct phases (4D) on the road to ratification. Each phase has a specific name and purpose:


  • Declaration: A PIP is published and submitted to the Star Atlas DAO
  • Debate: The Star Atlas DAO members submit Comments and conduct non-binding Public Interest Voting, with at least one live debate session scheduled
  • Decision: PIP goes to the official, on-chain vote
  • Democratic convergence: PIP is ratified, opening the door for additional PIPs, including community ideation


Willing participants may join the process for PIP-1 on the Star Atlas DAO Governance website.