What is PIP1?

What is POLIS Improvement Proposal (PIP-1)?

Governing the Star Atlas metaverse, a pioneering force in web3 gaming, the Star Atlas DAO is taking measures to shape decision-making for the game's future direction.

The declaration of the first POLIS Improvement Proposal (PIP-1) brings a way to enshrine decentralized, permissionless decision-making. It sets a new standard for sustainable governance in games where participants are able to have their say in a fully transparent, permissionless system.

DAO Proposal - 16x9

PIP 1 is accessible at govern.staratlas.com, where the community can explore the proposal's details, comment publicly, and respond to others. This Declaration of PIP 1 is the first in several phases on the road to ratification:

  • Declaration: Publication of PIP 1
  • Debate: Public Comments and non-binding Public Interest Voting, with at least one live debate session scheduled
  • Decision: PIP 1 goes to the official, on-chain vote
  • Democratic convergence: PIP 1 is ratified, opening the door for additional PIPs, including community ideation