What is Star Atlas Showroom pre-alpha release?


The Star Atlas Showroom is the First Unreal Engine 5 Experience. 

The Star Atlas Showroom - Pre-Alpha gameplay demo

In this pre-alpha version, you will be controlling Asha, ace pilot, captain of the Council of Peace forces, and instructor of the Academy, where she trains the most talented youngsters of all species and factions in the galaxy. In future game versions, you can expect to control new characters from different races.

Once you get acquainted with Asha, you will be able to use advanced Photoli terminals to instantly summon the ships you own to one of the many landing pads in the Showroom.


Gameplay Features of the Pre-Alpha Showroom:

  • One of the first tech demos that allows players to experience Nanite and Lumen technologies in Unreal Engine 5
  • First UE5 compatible Solana-blockchain wallet
  • Ability to discover Showroom tech demo environment
  • Ability to summon player-owned spaceships from a Solana wallet
  • Ability to summon a demo spaceship (Floyd Liner) in case a player doesn’t own a Star Atlas spaceship
  • Character navigation and teleportation
  • Ship manufacturer showcasing
  • Branded photo mode for cinematic quality screenshots
  • Easter egg hunt