What is the backstory of Never Alone?

What is the lore of Never Alone?

The backstory of Never Alone begins when a player witnesses a ship crash on a remote planet, leading them to discover a Punaab named Saand, who has lost their memories. Together, the player and Saand embark on a journey to recover Saand's memories, represented by the Glimpses, Fragments, and Revelations that players recover throughout each mission.

In the Star Atlas universe, Never Alone features characters, assets, and spaceships that are part of the larger, playable game. This captivating narrative experience immerses players in the expansive Star Atlas metaverse as they uncover the mysteries of Saand's past and forge their own unique paths.

For an in-depth look at the Never Alone campaign, you can read the Medium announcement, "Never Alone: A Shared Social Adventure Across the Star Atlas Galaxy," which provides further details about this engaging journey and the Star Atlas universe.