What is the Star Atlas DAO?

The Star Atlas DAO is your opportunity to influence the destiny of every aspect of Star Atlas.

“The long-term vision of Star Atlas is an autonomous, player-owned game, fully controlled and funded by decentralized governance."– Star Atlas white paper

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are a blockchain-native governance system and software protocol that uses automation to coordinate and execute the will of a decentralized set of human participants. DAOs rely on multi-signature wallets and on-chain proposal voting systems for member signaling and proposal execution. DAOs differ from and improve on traditional corporate structures by lowering barriers to citizenship, aligning incentives among all stakeholders, increasing transparency and reducing friction in the decision-making process, and eliminating intermediaries.

The Star Atlas DAO ecosystem is being designed as a multi-tier platform, consisting of player guilds (DACs) and sub-DAOs reflecting factional, regional, and local interests. The top level, universal Star Atlas DAO is tasked with managing monetary policy, treasury management, and game-wide decisions regulating the overall well-being of Star Atlas.