What is the Star Atlas DAO Treasury?

The DAO accumulates ATLAS tokens from in-game economic activity and will have full discretion over its use.

As part of the DAO's mandate, a portion of fees from all in-game economic activity flows to the DAO. Since the launch of SCORE in December of 2021, the DAO treasury has earned over 200 million ATLAS from the sale of in-game resources. The DAO also will be earning a portion of fees from transactions on the Galactic Marketplace, as well as from taxes on future in-game activities. 

ATMTA is currently safeguarding the DAO's treasury, which will be deposited into a multisig, on-chain treasury once audits and security checks are complete. 

The DAO has full control over its treasury.  It could, through on-chain governance, vote to use the treasury funds for any number of purposes, including but not limited to: 

  • Allocating funds to a developer for specific game or ecosystem development
  • Allocating funds to the Star Atlas Foundation to provide essential services on behalf of the DAO
  • Paying service providers to facilitate a DAO-hosted event
  • Purchasing assets critical to the DAO's operations