What is the Volant Station?

Learn how to fly around Volant Station with a Jetpack.

The ultimate wish-list item for Punaabs youngsters is now accessible to all players in the Showroom. Your foot thrusters, the initial tier of jetpacks, will catapult you stylishly to any corner of the Volant Station.


It’s worth noting that this new tool is entirely free. We want our players to familiarize themselves with aerial mobility and tactics - vital skills for survival within the depths of the Star Atlas galaxy.

Rumors abound that jetpacks may be crucial for dynamic and engaging activities in Star Atlas's future, so familiarize yourself with this nifty gadget!

And what better way to do this than by exploring the new areas unveiled in this release? Volant Station has grown more extensive and refined, and our players can uncover numerous secrets by delving into the recesses of the MUD home world.