What loot can I obtain from Golden Tickets?

Unlock Exclusive Assets with Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets in Star Atlas are keys to exclusive in-game assets that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you're looking to secure a piece of land, reside in a prestigious space station, or soar through space in an unparalleled ship, these tickets might just be your ticket in. Let's explore the treasures awaiting the lucky ticket holders.

Loot Pool:

Every week, players have the opportunity to vie for a share of an impressive $150,000 worth of Star Atlas assets. Here's a breakdown of the assets you might unlock:

  1. Claim Stakes

    These aren't just any stakes, they're your first step to land ownership in Star Atlas. Each stake not only allows you to claim available land or space but also determines the extent to which you can excavate below. What's more, they double as radars, alerting you of any impending threats. Truly, a land owner's best friend.

  2. Central Space Stations (CSS)

    Ever dreamed of residing in the lap of luxury, in space? The CSS is where that dream comes true. For instance, the MUD CSS Base tier offers a title to a base-tier residential apartment in the MUD Central Space Station. Reside in a condo located on the station's surface, all under the prestigious banner of the Council of Peace. Note: The displayed images for the CSS are examples; the final art will vary based on faction and district selection.

  3. Ships

    From swift racers cutting through the space to formidable fighters guarding territories, repair ships mending allies, or freight vessels transporting goods - the array of ships one can win is vast and varied.

Exclusive Offerings:

The thrill doesn't end at the regular loot pool. There are treasures so rare, they're in a league of their own:

  • Fimbull BYOS Butch & Fimbull Mamba EX

    Ships so unique, they aren't available for regular sale. These are ships of legend, tales of their prowess whispered among the players. Winning one is not just about luck but a testament to a player's dedication and strategy.