What rewards can I earn for referring someone?

Starpath is the most important collective endeavor in the galaxy, offering multiple rewards. 

Starpath's reward structure is meticulously crafted to incentivize early action. Here's an essential detail: for the referrer, the 25% commission on primary sales is in place for 12 months, after which it gracefully tapers to 5%. Notably, this incentive is specifically tailored to each referee and isn't an account-wide policy. Thus, with every fresh referral, a new 12-month timer kick-starts exclusively for that referee's purchases. On the other end, the referred user enjoys a 10% discount, but this advantage has a lifespan - it lasts only for the initial 90 days.
Dive deeper into the details:

Commission on Primary Market Purchases

  • When your referred user makes a purchase on the primary market, you'll earn a 25% commission on the transaction amount. Additionally, your referral receives a 10% discount on their purchase. After the first year, you'll continue to earn a 5% residual commission on such purchases.

Commission on Secondary Market Royalties

  • If your referral makes a purchase in the secondary market, you earn a 25% commission on Star Atlas's 4% fee, not the entire transaction amount.

Golden Tickets

  • Earn Golden Tickets based on the total transaction volume from all your referred accounts. For every $500 in transactions (across all referred accounts), you'll be awarded a Golden Ticket.

Through active participation in the Starpath program, you can unlock a new stream of income and rewards while helping others find their path in the Star Atlas universe.



- To be eligible for rewards, referred users must not have previously created a Starpath link in their profile before their first purchase. 
- BuddyLink offers a promotional platform fee of 0% for the initial 90 days. Following this period, a minimal fee of 3% will be applied.


Learn more on how to join the Starpath referral program here: How do I join Starpath?