What loot can players obtain in Mission 1 & 2?

Exploring the Two Types of Rewards in Mission 1 & 2

Mission 1 & 2 of the Never Alone campaign offers three types of loot for players who participate and complete the quests. These loots are based on the different memory pieces players collect throughout the mission, including Memory Glimpses, Memory Fragments, and Memory Revelations. Each memory piece offers a different set of loot, as outlined below:

Mission 1:

  • Memory Glimpse: Exclusive Character Skin
  • Memory Fragment: VZUS Solos
  • Memory Revelation: Exclusive VZUS Solos Ship Skin

Mission 2:

  • Memory Glimpse: Exclusive Never Alone Emote
  • Memory Fragment: Fimbul ECOS Unibomba
  • Memory Revelation: Exclusive CORE Century Cover