How can I access the Showroom pre-alpha release?


The first step is to head to and click on the link that will direct you to the Epic Games Launcher. Make sure that you are authorized to access The Showroom.

How do I know if I'm authorized to access The Showroom?

The first step to gaining access is to redeem your pre-alpha game key and download the Showroom from the Epic Games Store.

The pre-alpha game keys for the Star Atlas Showroom can be found on the Profile page that can be accessed by clicking above "wallet connected" in Once you are in the profile page, you will see a "claim game keys" button at the top right of the screen. Head here for instructions on redeeming your pre-alpha game key (called “beta key” or “product code” on the Epic Games Store), or simply enter it in your Epic Games Store user account options.

If you can't find your game keys there, it is probably because you don't meet the eligibility criteria that is explained below. 

Players will gain entry based on their earned badge status:

On September 29, 2022, players who have at least one Seasoned Badge or higher enrolled in the Faction Fleet gain instant access to the Showroom. Players with higher tiered badges will be given additional game keys which can be given away to other players.


Badge level

# of game keys










Afterward, players will gain access automatically when they earn their first badge.


How can I earn my first badge? 

  1. Go to our Discord server to get in touch with our community and the Star Atlas team to help you with the steps.

  2. Go to to create a Solana wallet

  3. Choose your faction (MUD, Ustur, ONI)

  4. Buy your first spaceship on the marketplace

  5. Enlist your spaceship to your faction's fleet

  6. Your fleet as it remains functional (resourced) will become a "Seasoned fleet" after a week and you will automatically get a game key added to your Star Atlas Profile on