Why can't I enlist my ship?

Troubleshooting the most common reasons for enlisting issues

If you're having trouble enlisting your ship in Star Atlas, there could be several reasons why. Here are the most common causes: Insufficient SOL in your wallet:

  • You need to have enough SOL in your wallet to pay transaction fees, it's recommended to have at least 0.03 SOL.
  • Undecided faction: You must choose a faction before enlisting your ship in the Faction Fleet. What is a faction and how to join in this article?
  • Duplicate ship type: If you've already enlisted a ship of the same type in the Faction Fleet, you need to go to "MANAGE FLEET," then "MANAGE SHIPS," and select the number of ships you want to enlist.

If these solutions don't resolve your issue, please contact one of our agents using the chatbot found at the bottom right of this page or join us on Discord and create a ticket. Our moderators will be happy to assist you.