Creating a Fleet in Starbased: Step-by-Step Guide

With your ships imported into Starbased, the next pivotal step is to form a fleet, enabling you to embark on various missions like mining and scanning for Survey Data Units (SDUs). Here’s how you can create your fleet within the Star Atlas universe:

  1. Return to Your Faction's Central Space Station: Begin by navigating back to the central space station of your faction. This is where all your imported ships are housed and managed.

  2. Access the Hangar: In the new menu that appears, locate and click on "Hangar."

  3. Initiate Fleet Formation: Within the hangar view, you will see an option to "form a new Fleet." Clicking on this option takes you to the fleet creation interface.

  4. Creating Your Fleet: You are now in the fleet creation view, which displays all available ships at the central space station. Here, you can:

    • Name Your Fleet: Choose a unique and identifiable name for your fleet.
    • Select Ships for Your Fleet: Browse through the list of available ships and select those you wish to include in your fleet. You can also specify the quantity for each selected ship.
  5. Finalize Your Fleet: After selecting your ships and naming your fleet, click on "form a new fleet." This action will prompt your wallet for a transaction to officially create your fleet.

  6. Confirm the Transaction: Approve the transaction through your wallet. Once confirmed, your fleet is successfully created and ready for action.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled your fleet, marking a significant milestone in your Starbased journey. Your fleet is now ready to explore the stars but ensuring it remains operational is key. Discover essential tips on Refueling Your Fleet in Starbased