Managing Your Fleet in Starbased: Refueling, Rearming and Resupplying

A crucial aspect of managing your fleet in Starbased is ensuring it's always ready for the next mission. This means keeping your ships fueled, armed, and supplied. Here's how to refuel and rearm your fleet efficiently:

  1. Dock Your Fleet at a Starbase: Before you can refuel or rearm, your fleet needs to be docked at a starbase where you've already stocked resources. For guidance on importing resources into Starbased, refer to our article: How to Import Resources in Starbased.

  2. Access the Hangar: Navigate to the hangar of the starbase where your fleet is docked by clicking on the Starbase or Central Space Station. Then, select "Hangar" from the new view that opens.

  3. Refueling and Rearming Options: In the hangar view, you’ll see all fleets currently docked at the starbase. At the top of this view, options to refuel or rearm all your fleets are available.

    For specific fleet needs, like adding toolkit or food:

    • Click on the fleet you wish to supply.
    • A detailed view of your fleet’s cargo will display, including fuel, ammo, food, toolkit, and your cargo hold’s status.
    • For full rearming or refueling, select "Full rearm" or "Full refuel" accordingly.
    • To add food or toolkit, click on "supply cargo," select the quantity, and then "transfer."
  4. Transferring Additional Resources: If you need to transfer resources other than fuel, food, toolkit, and ammo:

    • Navigate to "Local Inventory" where your fleet is docked.
    • Select your fleet to view its cargo status, helping you determine available space for additional resources.
    • Choose the resources you wish to transfer, specify the quantity, and click on "transfer to fleet."

Congratulations! Your fleet is now refueled and ready for whatever challenges and adventures lie ahead in the Star Atlas universe.

With your fleet fully prepared, it's time to explore the vastness of space. Dive into our guide on How to Warp/Subwarp Travel in Starbased