How do I create a Star Atlas player profile?

Click the "Play Now" button and follow the prompts to set up your Star Atlas profile.

Step 1:

First click on the link below to navigate to StarAtlas's official website: 

Step 2:

Press the “Play now” button, connect your wallet and choose "Approve" from the wallet menu that appears. When you press approve, it will cost a small amount of SOL coins to approve the transaction. Your wallet will now be registered with Star Atlas.




Step 3:

Once your wallet is registered, you will see which faction has how many players, how much total assets, political dominance, etc. Choose the faction you want to be part of, then proceed to the next page to finalize your decision.

Do not make this decision lightly as your Faction choice will be locked in and cannot be changed later unless you register a new wallet. Learn more about Factions in our knowledge base if you are unsure or engage with the community on Discord.


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Step 4:

After your profile is created, you can choose your avatar from the left side and your country of origin from the right side. When you buy ships and other NFTs, the worth of your total assets will be visible under "Net Worth".

Congratulations! You have now set up your Star Atlas profile.